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Today challenges abound.

It is a strength of your persistence, patience, and resilience.



Everything is fleeting.

So, why is it that we do what we do?

Because everything is fleeting.

Time eludes us.

No matter how hard we try to hold on to it.

It passes, and memories that once felt so close feel a little further

but never out of reach

Always there.

Always waiting for that something to awaken them.


It’s a paradox.

You are not the same person you once were. . .  yet you are.

But yes, you grow.

Grow more conscious of who you are, aware of those things

– which are not things –

that bring you peace.

You Know.

Something powerful moves inside of you.

The wind is changing, your heart speaks

Maybe it always has.

Maybe now you know what it is saying.

The Magic of Morning

In order to really know a city

You have to watch a city wake up

You have to see her empty streets

Watch the people behind the scenes

Watch the pulse slowly start to get faster

Hear the birds singing their morning songs

And the church bells ringing


Watch them

They who deliver the food

They who manicure the gardens

They who sweep the streets

They are the ones that bring the city alive

Seeing a city in the early morning is like being in a different place

And that small window between when everything is still asleep

and suddenly everything is awake …

There is magic in that in-between.

Be Present.

Enter Zen.

Let the world fall away.

Let your thoughts disappear.

Focus on your body, your breath, and your moment.

Just be present. Nothing more.

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