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The Way

Tao (Dao) means the Way.

I hear these words the Way 

I think “To where?”

In modern life

the word Way might make us feel that we must be heading toward something

the word Way might indicate a path that leads to somewhere different than where we are

but the Way is not the path to a destination, the path itself is the destination

it is your life path

a destination of sustained continuity,

a balance between intention and easiness.

There is no one destination, just the natural direction in which your life moves.


Should we speak of our life span as the goal and the ending of our way? No, we are the Way, and the Way is us, and the Way continues unendingly.  We too go on forever — if we are not stunted by the smallness of our own thinking.

– From The Lunar Tao by Deng Ming Dao, Moon 2, Day 22, “The Way”



Just Let it Be

Sometimes we are so busy looking up that we do not look ahead

Sometimes we are so busy looking ahead that we do not look up

The fleeting years of our youth are filled with freedom from responsibility,

responsibility that is so constant in the rest of our adult lives.

So, how does one move through the challenges and stresses of adulthood?

Confucius would have said to look ahead, Lao Tzu would have said look up

Find the balance, the place in-between the two.

Taoism encourages Wu-Wei,  or non-action, non-being

It does not mean to be passive or lazy

It means that we are letting things unfold in their natural way

doubtlessly. spontaneously. naturally.

Today, try letting go of insignificant things, and just let everything else be.

“We can have two friends in our lives:  Confucius and Lao Tzu.  Following just one would leave us incomplete.  We can be practical and spiritual, awake and dreaming.  With a balance between direction and non direction, between action and inaction, we will follow a middle path.”  – Quiguang Zhao, Do Nothing & Do Everything





Let Dreams Happen

Let your dreams vanish

so that they can come true.

Find that moment of awakening to all that is real before you.

You have to let go of the dream.

Let go of the idea, let go of the illusion

Clear space, clear your vision, and succumb to life’s natural flow

where your reality becomes your dream.



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