The forest is restless. Electricity fills the sky and its thunder rolls through the Earth.

The storm raged all night.

I open my eyes to a new day.

The forest before me is covered in mist. The birds sing. The sun emerges.

I revel in the beauty of nature’s way. Its way of giving itself what it needs. Its way of creating balance. Its way of just being.

We are not separate from this, we are not meant to look upon Nature as something separate from ourselves, we are part of nature’s cycle.

We are no different than the trees and the ground who are nourished by the rain.  What Nature gives to the Earth she gives to us as well.

Do not look unto Nature as something that has been placed there for you to admire from the outside.  We are made of the same, we are connected.

Surrender yourself to Nature’s cycles, there you will find what you need to create balance and you will understand that nothing is lacking in your life.