Tao (Dao) means the Way.

I hear these words the Way 

I think “To where?”

In modern life

the word Way might make us feel that we must be heading toward something

the word Way might indicate a path that leads to somewhere different than where we are

but the Way is not the path to a destination, the path itself is the destination

it is your life path

a destination of sustained continuity,

a balance between intention and easiness.

There is no one destination, just the natural direction in which your life moves.


Should we speak of our life span as the goal and the ending of our way? No, we are the Way, and the Way is us, and the Way continues unendingly.  We too go on forever — if we are not stunted by the smallness of our own thinking.

– From The Lunar Tao by Deng Ming Dao, Moon 2, Day 22, “The Way”